It has become abundantly clear that I need to figure out how to get more sleep.For example:
Last night I hung out playing with Magda from 8 until well past 9pm (her usual bedtime) while Brandon showered, folded some laundry and got ready for bed. We were all pretty exhausted at 9 (me even after having ’emergency’ coffee early afternoon) but Magda was pretty much denying us the privalege of going to sleep. First she decided to poop in her crate, of course after refusing to do so when she was out for 15 minutes just prior to being put in there. So after that (now about 9:45) I took her back out to finish her business, which she did, readily. (Thank goodness!)
So now it’s about 10pm when I finally start getting ready for bed, and probably close to 10:30 by the time I fall asleep. 3:30am she wakes up and Brandon takes her out (twice, because she’s still being stubborn about pooping) and then my alarm goes of at 5, and she decides she’s ready to get up too. Holy hell, did I sleep?
Since Brandon has been taking midnight duties, I get early morning ones. We go out, she eats, we play, go out again and when she starts to get tired again around 6, I put her back to bed so I can start getting ready for work.
So yes, in case you’re wondering, Brandon gets up once (occasionally twice) in the night to let her out, but then gets to sleep in until 7am, while I’m up at 5. Aside from the request to turn turn the light on when I put her back to bed, that’s a solid 2 extra hours of sleep that I’m definitely missing out on.
And it sucks. No wonder I got sick.
I suppose I could shower the night before, but I’m female and my routines are just going to take a lot more time. I also could go to sleep at 8pm, but seriously, that’s 8pm!
Middle ground remains to be found. Brandon is definitely taking a more active roll in her training, partially because he’s the only one with much energy after work.

Got any ideas??

Edited to add: The reason Magda is being so reluctant to potty outside is due mostly to the melting snow. That was all she had to pee & poop on when we first brought her home and now all the leaves and sticks and other smells/textures/whathaveyou have her in sensory overload. She still pees pretty good, since that’s usually a bit more urgent. But the #2 apparently requires more, um, concentration. That I’m not too worried about, eventually she’ll get a bit more desensitized to all the outside world.


2 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. She's honestly doing great for her age (just a couple days past 10 weeks) at house training. I think we really just need to set a firmer schedule for us, and her, to be doing things in the evening like playing, eating and going out. Like the 2nd article said, she really does like to doze at night, and it's really hard to not want to take advantage of that time to actually get a few things done around the house! But it might just be setting ourselves up for failure through the night, so we'll have to see.

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