I’m going to try to not speak too prematurely, but I think we’ve had a behavioral breakthrough with Magda and the feeling is so much more calm.
Still pretty frantic trying to get a schedule around here, but when she’s not acting out, it’s just on us to learn to manage our time.
I think that Brandon is feeling the pressure with her at least as much as me, because even after she did a good job falling back asleep after her midnight potty run, Brandon couldn’t get back to sleep himself. It wasn’t until her next bathroom break that I realized how tired and frustrated he was, and then we had an accident in the crate (possibly due to new treats), and so I took over while he got a bit of sleep.
When he woke up, we formulated a new game plan for accidents/playtime/whining and so far today at work, it’s going perfectly. (Hello jinx!)
Tonight is going to be a challenge since I’m going to insist that we have a healthy dinner and Brandon will really be needing a nap. Somehow, though we’ll get there!


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