Today I kinda hate the puppy.
She’s keeping me from sleep, barely letting me work and chewing and nipping me like crazy. I know these are behaviors that need to be addressed and modified, but she leaves me utterly drained.
I’m also feeling really mad at Brandon for getting her right now. I have so much wedding stuff I need to do, and no spare time to take off to get this puppy accustomed to life with us before these things become dire and urgent.
I don’t even have time to make a list of all the things I need to remember to do. (That might be a bit of a stretch seeing as I’m finding time to blog, but seeing as this makes me relaxed and wedding stuff makes me stressed, I think I’m still a bit justified.)
And on top of all of this, Brandon and I are both too tired to even really speak to each other, except for the, “Hey can you watch her for a second,”  “Is she still asleep,” and my personal favorite, “Did she poop?”
I already broke down crying yesterday morning when I was overly tired and Magda was feeling particularly interested in my hands and feet as chew toys.
Brandon and I are trying to get together on a strategy on how to survive the next few weeks, but I’m still mostly in my own head about how the hell we made such a naive choice to begin with.
Food has gone out the window. I have been eating whatever I can find, when ever I can steal a second to eat it. Any healthy food choices I’ve made were because I was somewhat coherent when I made the grocery list and that’s all that’s in the house.
Obviously I’m getting some exercise, what with running outside every hour or so during the day to avoid accidents and also get Magda exercised and worn out.
I hate to be such a public mess, but this is honestly where I am. And hopefully soon we’ll see things start to improve.


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