basket case

I’m pretty sure this week I’ve been attempting to set a new record for times I’ve cried. It’s no secret, I’m stressed out. Our puppy is angelic and insanely well trained except for two things: 1. She’s had intestinal distress for the past few days. Not her fault, and we’re coping. 2. She cannot not try to bite/chew on me. She never does this to Brandon. They go on long walks & jogs in the yard and she never nips or bites at his legs. She listens to his commands pretty well, and even when she’s tired or hungry, she can keep it together for him.

We did a little experiment yesterday when I got home from work, and basically she just gets extremely excited around me. She stops listening, wants to play like crazy, starts using teeth when I don’t do it her way. Way not cool, Magda.
I’ve been working on keeping my tone calm, redirecting her to proper play things, and showing her the consequences of not playing nicely are not getting to play at all.
Brandon has also been limiting her time with me to when she’s being very well behaved so that she starts to understand that this is appropriate behavior with both of us.
As of this morning, it seems to be working. Of course she could just be having a ‘good’ day and tomorrow could be another day I cry. But I’m really focusing on not projecting so much negative energy, nervousness and stress to give her a hand too.
Let me tell you though, that is really hard.
On Monday we cross over into the Three Months To Go wedding countdown. Just the thought of it makes my stomach go in knots. At least with this little big of extra non-puppy time I’ve been able to focus on getting a few things done. And when Mom gets back from vacation, we’ll be getting into super-arts-and-crafts DIY mode. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that we can stay on task and get out of this alive.
Also, on a more health related note, my magical, always-on-time, clockwork period has failed me. I’m not surprised though, this has been known to happen when I’m extremely stressed and sleep deprived. Of course just to be sure, I peed on a stick and confirmed my theory. Facts are better than hunches, and having facts also reduces stress. Hopefully it’ll come back around soon and not throw off my schedule for the wedding.
Not a whole lot I can do about that either, though.
So basically today I’m repeating zen little phrases to myself and taking lots of deep breaths in an attempt to self manifest a really great rest of the month, and maybe the next three as well!

Ever have any pet disasters? How did you deal with them?


It has become abundantly clear that I need to figure out how to get more sleep.For example:
Last night I hung out playing with Magda from 8 until well past 9pm (her usual bedtime) while Brandon showered, folded some laundry and got ready for bed. We were all pretty exhausted at 9 (me even after having ’emergency’ coffee early afternoon) but Magda was pretty much denying us the privalege of going to sleep. First she decided to poop in her crate, of course after refusing to do so when she was out for 15 minutes just prior to being put in there. So after that (now about 9:45) I took her back out to finish her business, which she did, readily. (Thank goodness!)
So now it’s about 10pm when I finally start getting ready for bed, and probably close to 10:30 by the time I fall asleep. 3:30am she wakes up and Brandon takes her out (twice, because she’s still being stubborn about pooping) and then my alarm goes of at 5, and she decides she’s ready to get up too. Holy hell, did I sleep?
Since Brandon has been taking midnight duties, I get early morning ones. We go out, she eats, we play, go out again and when she starts to get tired again around 6, I put her back to bed so I can start getting ready for work.
So yes, in case you’re wondering, Brandon gets up once (occasionally twice) in the night to let her out, but then gets to sleep in until 7am, while I’m up at 5. Aside from the request to turn turn the light on when I put her back to bed, that’s a solid 2 extra hours of sleep that I’m definitely missing out on.
And it sucks. No wonder I got sick.
I suppose I could shower the night before, but I’m female and my routines are just going to take a lot more time. I also could go to sleep at 8pm, but seriously, that’s 8pm!
Middle ground remains to be found. Brandon is definitely taking a more active roll in her training, partially because he’s the only one with much energy after work.

Got any ideas??

Edited to add: The reason Magda is being so reluctant to potty outside is due mostly to the melting snow. That was all she had to pee & poop on when we first brought her home and now all the leaves and sticks and other smells/textures/whathaveyou have her in sensory overload. She still pees pretty good, since that’s usually a bit more urgent. But the #2 apparently requires more, um, concentration. That I’m not too worried about, eventually she’ll get a bit more desensitized to all the outside world.


It’s been a very long couple weeks. I’m trying to keep the next couple weekends mostly free so that I can get all the invitations addressed. High hopes for sure.
Keeping my fingers crossed that no one loses their mind & the dog starts sleeping through the night sometime soon.


I feel like I’m starting to neglect this thing here since I started separate blogs for wedding & health stuff. And that’s pretty much all that’s on my mind lately.
Except Magda.
We’re fast closing on one week together and it’s been really trying, but I think we’re making a little progress every day. But rather than repeat myself regarding all those trials and tribulations, I’m just going to post pictures of her ADORABLE FACE!

P.S. She’s sleeping in a carrier just under my desk right now & couldn’t be any sweeter!


I’m going to try to not speak too prematurely, but I think we’ve had a behavioral breakthrough with Magda and the feeling is so much more calm.
Still pretty frantic trying to get a schedule around here, but when she’s not acting out, it’s just on us to learn to manage our time.
I think that Brandon is feeling the pressure with her at least as much as me, because even after she did a good job falling back asleep after her midnight potty run, Brandon couldn’t get back to sleep himself. It wasn’t until her next bathroom break that I realized how tired and frustrated he was, and then we had an accident in the crate (possibly due to new treats), and so I took over while he got a bit of sleep.
When he woke up, we formulated a new game plan for accidents/playtime/whining and so far today at work, it’s going perfectly. (Hello jinx!)
Tonight is going to be a challenge since I’m going to insist that we have a healthy dinner and Brandon will really be needing a nap. Somehow, though we’ll get there!


Today I kinda hate the puppy.
She’s keeping me from sleep, barely letting me work and chewing and nipping me like crazy. I know these are behaviors that need to be addressed and modified, but she leaves me utterly drained.
I’m also feeling really mad at Brandon for getting her right now. I have so much wedding stuff I need to do, and no spare time to take off to get this puppy accustomed to life with us before these things become dire and urgent.
I don’t even have time to make a list of all the things I need to remember to do. (That might be a bit of a stretch seeing as I’m finding time to blog, but seeing as this makes me relaxed and wedding stuff makes me stressed, I think I’m still a bit justified.)
And on top of all of this, Brandon and I are both too tired to even really speak to each other, except for the, “Hey can you watch her for a second,”  “Is she still asleep,” and my personal favorite, “Did she poop?”
I already broke down crying yesterday morning when I was overly tired and Magda was feeling particularly interested in my hands and feet as chew toys.
Brandon and I are trying to get together on a strategy on how to survive the next few weeks, but I’m still mostly in my own head about how the hell we made such a naive choice to begin with.
Food has gone out the window. I have been eating whatever I can find, when ever I can steal a second to eat it. Any healthy food choices I’ve made were because I was somewhat coherent when I made the grocery list and that’s all that’s in the house.
Obviously I’m getting some exercise, what with running outside every hour or so during the day to avoid accidents and also get Magda exercised and worn out.
I hate to be such a public mess, but this is honestly where I am. And hopefully soon we’ll see things start to improve.