Things have been absolutely crazy around here, so excuse me for not updating all this sooner.
A couple weeks ago Jessie told me that her dress had come in way ahead of schedule, so she went to go pick it up. Turns out, it came in with the wrong color, so they were going to have it remade. Bleh.
Then last weekend, I took my sister to get fitted and her dress ordered, and it turns out that dress is actually discontinued as of the first of the year. Ah! Wendy’s Bridal shop is amazing, and somehow the manager there was able to get her dress ordered anyway, since apparently they were still running a few orders of this dress.
Then, just last week Jessie tells me that the bridal shop she ordered her dress from can’t get hers re-ordered because it’s been discontinued! Seriously??? I didn’t lose it though, and I had already had my eye on other dresses since I wasn’t sure that Tiff was going to get her dress either. I gave her the style number of a dress I thought would look great on her, and turns out, there’s a bridal shop near Jessie that actually has her color & size in stock from somebody else’s canceled order.

She’s going to go take a look at the dress on Wednesday to make sure they’re definitely in new condition and acceptable in every way, and then hopefully this mess is completely taken care of!
I’m still half-expecting a call from Wendy’s with bad news, but I am working on putting that out of my mind.


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