Busy girl!

First off, I have to rave about how much fun I had this weekend! I probably ate and drank a bit too much, but I went ice skating and dancing, so that off-sets it a bit. I didn’t eat pasta at the Italian place we had dinner Saturday night, but I did have calamari. It was to.die.for. good. No regrets!
I’m definitely in the mood to hit up the gym again soon, but my schedule this week is frantic at worst and really busy at best. We’re picking up Magda on Saturday, and our to-do list doesn’t seem to be shrinking. For every one thing we get done, we think of another that we should probably take care of before she comes.
Tonight will be a quick dinner (ranch turkey burgers & salad), run to Lowe’s for a few last minute bedroom readying supplies, and the pet store for food, and then our grocery shopping for the week.
Tomorrow I hope we get to go pick out & order Brandon’s tux. (We were going to go over the weekend and then magically on Friday we get a coupon in the mail for $40 off between today and the end of the week.)
Then the rest of the week we need to: make a shelf for the cat’s food that’s out of Magda’s reach, re-mount the TV in the bedroom since we had to rearrange everything, go through Brandon’s family pictures to pick ones out for the wedding, and clean house a bit. Oh yeah, and Friday we’re going out to dinner and going to start deciding on a menu for the rehearsal dinner.
So if I make it to the gym by Wednesday, I’ll be lucky. And if not Wednesday or Thursday, probably not again until next Monday, if I’m not too sleep deprived. I know that I’m going to have to make time for the gym, and it’s not going to just magically appear. But realistically, our life is about to get pretty crazy. My weight is slowly creeping down regardless because of good eating habits, and if taking the dog for walks becomes my primary exercise for a little while, so be it.
I’m pretty happy with the choices I’ve been making lately and as the weeks get busier and busier hopefully I can keep it up!


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