Er, um, yeah

I’m totally slacking at this daily update thing because, well, I guess I’m just slacking in general. I didn’t count my calories yesterday (although I know that it wasn’t a ‘bad’ day by any means).
I slept in, had decent breakfast and worked on some cleaning and organizing all morning & most of the afternoon. Totally un-fun, but I felt so good after getting it taken care of. There’s still a lot of stuff to sort through (mostly Brandon’s!) but that will require both of us being available to say “toss” or “store”.
Later in the afternoon I ran around with a friend helping him get his car back. It could have been easier, but it could have been a lot worse, too. Hopefully that’s all taken care off now & he can move on too. I feel kind of bad that I couldn’t do more, but it’s right on that edge between bad luck and irresponsibility.
When I got home, I was pretty worn out, but Brandon had a big surprise waiting for me. While I was out, he spent the evening re-arranging the bedroom according to the plan I figured out, so we could get Magda’s kennel to fit in there with us. It turned out sonice! I’m really getting excited for the puppy to come home!


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