My brain is in totally the wrong place.
This weekend I found out that the dress I wanted for Tiff & Jessie is discontinued. Jessie’s is ordered, Tiff’s is not. Waiting for the bridal shop to call me back before I go into a complete melt down, but my original “I will not freak out” attitude is fading fast. At least I know that canceling Jessie’s order is only going to put her out $10, but that still leaves me at square one.
Already took tomorrow off of work to clean house before the puppy arrives. Was planning on spending the early part of Saturday afternoon getting Brandon’s tux found & ordered, but now I’m afraid I’m going to have to spend it looking for dresses instead. Actually I feel like the ONLY thing I should be doing is finding dresses until that’s taken care of because it’s already so late.
My diet hasn’t gone entirely out the window, but everything seems to be slipping, along with my frame of mind. This week is pretty much going to suck, but somehow I’ll figure out how to make it through.

Edit: Bridal shop called, dress crisis averted. Now to focus on the puppy and the rest of the wedding!


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