Today has been a cluster.
In the process of resetting my alarm, I managed to jack up the actual time my clock reads.
Sprinted out of bed when Brandon’s alarm went off. By ‘sprinted’ I mean, hobbled because my legs are SO SORE. And I obviously didn’t have time to foam roll this morning.
Thankfully I did pack my lunch last night. Baked shrimp (Sea Pak Light & Crispy, no sauce), hummus, pita bread, carrots, and a banana. Also my standard breakfast.
I’m still walking like a total weirdo because my quads are refusing to flex properly, so I don’t bend my knees really, just throw my legs forward at the hip. Totally gross.
I am going to forgo the gym tonight to let my muscles finish recovering. Apparently squats took more out of me than I realized, and now I’m paying for it. Foam rolling will be the only thing on my ‘work out’ agenda, if you can call it that. I don’t feel too guilty, though. These things happen, and I am not going to risk actually injuring myself for the sake of ritual.
Tomorrow will be exciting. Heading out to a customer’s for an afternoon meeting, and before that lunch out with a vendor. This always screws up my feeding schedule, not to mention having to look up nutrition facts for what I plan to order ahead of time. Eh. It’s not an actual crisis, just adds a bit of tension to my already nervous state. Schmoozing without alcohol is against my nature. I can talk on the phone all day long, but in person, my friendly tone of voice can only go so far. We’ll see. Many outfits will be tried on tonight, that’s for sure.


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