Today was quite the food cluster.
Still out of soy milk, I ran to Starbucks first thing in the morning (aka 10:30) for a latte and a muffin. Apple bran muffins are my favorite there: lots of fiber and fruits, and worth the fat for how filling they are.
Wandered around to Borders and then took Brandon some lunch, and headed back outside to Jefferson Point to do some perusing of wedding jewelry. Book-less and jewelry-less, I did find some bargains at Old Navy, and then met my friend to do some more running around. We did stop for a cocktail and then some coffee and shameless TV relaxing.
Finally headed home to collect Brandon and get dinner. We were going to go to get gyros at one of our favorite Greek places, Friends, but for some reason they were actually closed. So we headed down the road to another Greek place, Liberty Diner. They actually have a HUGE menu with lots of other things on it, so I decided to have a turkey breast sandwich on a croissant, and fruit. It was remarkably delicious. Not to mention the bite of cheesecake I stole from Brandon!
A trip to Lowe’s and Meijer later, and I’m finally home to stay.
It’s almost my bedtime, so I’m going to foam roll my very sore legs and do it again in the morning too.
Still a little unsure what I’m going to be able to do at the gym tomorrow since I’ll be even more sore yet. At least some cardio and core work, for sure.
Oh yeah, gotta pack my lunch still too! Yay for being prepared!


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