Oh yeah

Update for today:
Today was pretty awesome. I slept WAY in, lounged around and helped Brandon nail down some more baseboards in the living room. I meant to have some healthy cereal for breakfast, but after I made my coffee, I didn’t have any soy milk left.
So I ate my leftover sausage roll from last night. I ordered the small size last night, ate half, and brought the rest home. It’s about the equivalent of 2.5 pieces of pizza (still no cheese) so I thought it was pretty responsible.
I lounged around some more and then finally started making my plan for the gym. My arms were still pretty sore from Thursday, so I did lower body/back.
Two exercises I was really excited to do: squats & deadlifts. Squats are something that I resented when I had to do a hundred of them with just body weight. But squatting heavy loads and being a badass? Now that sounds more fun. Deadlifts are something I was always way too intimidated to try, but in the Show & Go program, they start out doing low weight reps to focus on perfect form. I get some funny looks from the guys over just how low a weight I’m lifting, but it feels great. And soon enough I’ll be throwing weight around that will garner fewer sideways glances.
One of the main reasons I’m so excited about these things is all the pain and injury I’ve dealt with. Back pain is practically something I’ve grown up with, and I’ve tried all kinds of things to help, but lifting weights and strengthening my muscles is the one thing that seems to keep me pain free. And last year when I was trying to work my way through C25K, I had so many knee, shin & foot problems, all due primarily to muscle imbalances, according to my doctor.
So yeah, I killed it in the weight room, and then did some HIIT on the elliptical. Ten minutes and I was feeling pretty much like jello and headed home for some post workout nutrition.
One thing I should work on is planning my weekend meals a little better, but all & all today was a success!


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