Sassy Pants

I have this little problem. It’s called First-Born-Itus. I’ve been treating it for years, but it still pops up in fits of Who-Do-You-Are-Ality, and I-Think-I-Know-What’s-Best-Isus.
I do try to be knowledgeable about things that I’m passionate about, but unfortunately, a lot of those things also happen to be a bit subjective and controversial. So I get all up on my soap box, telling people who’s who and what’s what, and sometimes kind of forget that things that work for me, don’t necessarily work for you.
My mother will attest that this has been quite the problem for many years, and no matter what I do to tame it, some triggers just set me on fire.
I’m a little sheepish currently because I got all up in someone else’s blog about what I’m doing, but put it in such a way as she should be doing this too. Hello, Cyber-Regret. I’ve since back tracked as best as I can, and hopefully no one takes any serious offense, but what’s done is done.
Apologies all around.


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