Well I made it to the gym, did a quick 40 minute upper body lift, ran a bit on the treadmill to stretch out my legs, and came home quite proud of not talking myself out of going. (Not that I didn’t try, but writing down my only excuse gave me that extra push to get going!)
Two-a-day’s really wipe me out sometimes, especially when I’m just getting back into my routine. So today is all about listening to my body.
First thing it said was “Rest!”
I set my alarm for 5am to see how I felt, and I was still pretty exhausted. Set it back to 6am (without incident) and conked out. I could have used a foam roll this morning, but I’m not that stiff since I did it again after the gym last night.
Second thing my body said was “Feed Me!”
I’m positive I’m going to go over my calorie recommendation today, and I’ve already decided to just rest, except for getting more stretching & foam rolling in this evening. I’m really not worried about it, since weight loss and muscle building happens during recovery and not actually at the gym! (There’s a fancy fact to keep in mind.) This is one of those neat things I learned from reading New Rules of Lifting for Women. I will put in a little disclaimer that while I read the book, I didn’t follow the program. I did use the workouts and dietary advice as information and building blocks for my own program. There were two main reasons I didn’t follow it as written: A. I really wanted to just get skinnier as fast as possible. I did a lot of cardio with my strength training, and saw the results I wanted. Impatience, mostly. B. The exercise program included a lot of ‘different’ moves that were either not easily facilitated at my gym, or made me feel like a dumbass. Vanity, mostly.
Plus, my diet is really screwed up with the whole non-dairy thing, so most of the meal plans I couldn’t eat. Shrug.
So since today is a date night for Brandon and I, I’ll find something sensible to eat when we go out, chill in the theater (Finally getting around to seeing the new Harry Potter), and get to bed early. I’ll be back in the gym Saturday morning to kill it again. I love Saturday lifts because I can really harness a lot of the morning energy that I loose sitting at my desk all week. Exciting!
Oh yeah, weighed in this morning, down just over a pound. Back to my early October weight!


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