Manic Thursday

I know it’s still pretty early in the day for writing down how I’m feeling, but I’m so freaking exploding with energy that I really can’t help it.
This morning was frantic from the very beginning. As my alarm went off, I had every intention of resetting it from 5a.m. to 6a.m. Except in my fumbling in the dark for the buttons, I accidentally turned on the radio which jolted me wide awake (Brandon too, unfortunately). I laid there until he fell back asleep and suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to make my lunch last night. I had a tasty couscous salad planned for the next couple days and I had already lost one bell pepper to my procrastination. See the full recipe at Branny Boils Over. My switches: 1Tbsp honey barbecue sauce for honey & cayenne pepper. I also just chopped up a whole green & whole red pepper instead of the orange, red, & yellow peppers. I do not intend on serving it over greens or garnishing it with anything, so we’ll see how this turns out!
So anyway…
Lay in bed for about 5 minutes to help Brandon go back to sleep. I decided that since I had a whole hour I might as well work out as well as food prep, so I popped in another Jillian Michaels dvd. I foam rolled, dragged ass through 30 Day Shred level 2, and wiped the sweat from my brow and got into the kitchen. I had 10 minutes to whip up the salad and my breakfast, which should have been plenty. I kept getting distracted by ravenous post-work out hunger, microwaved myself an egg & egg white, and finished food prep in a smidge under 20 minutes. “Finished” is a loose term, since I recruited a freshly awoken Brandon to make my oatmeal for me, while I scurried around the bathroom drying my hair and throwing make up at my face.
Regardless, once I got to work and I realized just how much I had actually accomplished already, I was just beaming with pride that I would be able to make this new routine work, one way or another.
Also, bedtime is now solidly 9p.m., give or take 20 minutes. This is the only way I can wake up at 5a.m. without feeling like a zombie. And even though Brandon isn’t getting up any earlier, I think he’s enjoying the extra hour of sleep too.
Andplusalso, microwaved eggs used to freak me out. They are my new post-workout go to food since protein is required for muscle building and I can’t do the standard shake because of my dairy allergy. (No, I don’t want to try the soy protein mixes. There is little evidence that they’re anywhere near as effective as actual animal protein.) One egg & one egg white is just enough to ward off hunger until my oatmeal around 9, and it doesn’t bog me down with the trouble of cooking, or even sitting down to eat.
One more thing: I think I really need to be sure to get in a work out every day, even if it’s just a quick one. Yesterday I really wanted to go for a nice walk outside at the mall while I returned some stuff, and never got around to it because Brandon wanted to get home right away to watch basketball. It really fouled up my mood for the evening with guilt and sulking, and I realized I really needed to make myself in charge of my own work out schedule no matter what. I should have turned around after we got home and headed to the gym, but I had already built up a wall of excuses as to why that was too much trouble.
I don’t mind sleeping in if I’m really that exhausted, but if my only plan for the evening involves something on TV that I’m not even interested in, I should just get over myself already.
I’m SO READY to get back in the gym and lift weights, it’s kinda sad that I haven’t been. Weather looks kinda nasty tonight, but I should be able to squeak in an upper body workout. My legs are still pretty fried from the DVDs (way WAY too many squats and lunges). *Note: if I don’t get to the gym tonight because Brandon has a late chiropractor appointment, not going to feel bad about that. We carpooled this morning, and I already had one workout.
To do: Write some goals for the next 1, 5 & 10 years.

What kind of excuses do you make for not working out?


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