Mash up

Several dozen things to write about have popped into my head today, but now I’m full from lunch and ready for a nap. This was my original idea, I’ll save the rest for another day.
I got up this morning and did foam rolling for about 20 minutes instead of working out. Let me tell you: foam rolling is becoming my new favorite thing. If you don’t know what it is, this is the demonstration video by the guys at Cressey Performance.

You’ll notice how goofy you might feel the first time you do this. I don’t recommend trying it in public (or in front of your significant other, for that matter) until you’re familiar with the routine. Even then, proceed with caution.
But all weirdness aside, it feels amazing, especially on sore muscles after a work out. This is also a big part of my ‘injury prevention’ plan, since I manage to get my body jacked up all to easily when training. Also, don’t try this with a pool noodle, they are definitely not hard enough to really do a soft tissue massage. I picked mine up at Dick’s Sporting Goods and there’s also one that’s recommended by Cressey from Perform Better available online.
So after yesterday’s hormone debacle, complete with senseless rage against inanimate objects, I woke up today and foam rolled, took some fish oil, and generally decided that I would not resort to such fussiness again today. It’s really amazing what affirmation and positive thinking can actually do for your day. Combined with doing something really good for myself to reinforce it, I’ve been an emotional 180 from yesterday. And it feels great!
Also taking more breaks to stretch during the work day helps a lot too! With any luck I’ll be back at the gym by the end of the week.


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