the ‘diet’ myth

First of all, let me say this.
I am NOT on a diet.
A diet is something you do for a while with the intention of going off it.
I am choosing to eat different things, in different quantities, though, with the eventual hope that I’ll be able to retrain my body to eat what it needs not what my emotions dictate.
I track my calories. Everything that goes into my mouth I am accountable for. It used to be really tedious, but over the past year I’ve learned what a lot of different food portions look and feel like. (I also successfully impressed my future in-laws while watching The Biggest Loser and guessing the calorie count of a plate of food within ten calories.)
I used to get really obsessive about what I ate, trying to stay as far under my calories as I could, and then having meticulously planned out ‘cheat’ meals where I could be a little bad, but not so much that it would put me over my weekly limit. I’d be very controlling about allowing myself to feel hungry for a certain amount of time before eating, then drinking a bunch of water, and then eating my meal so that I felt really full. It sounds scary admitting to it, but binge eating is just as unhealthy, which I’m just as guilty of. I don’t know how much grey area really exists between “normal eating” and “disordered eating” (not being a doctor, and all) but I think it’s safe to say that while I do have some disordered tendencies, I’ve managed to keep them mostly in check. I would like to work some more of the kinks out though, and maybe stop the weight roller coaster before it gets started. One really good read on normal eating from Christine at Munchies, Muscles & Mischief is a 3-parter here, here, and here.
One of the big things I’m doing to really change my regimen is write. I want to deal with the emotions behind my eating as much as I deal with actually calculating what is going into my body. I’m also trying to plan my meals out as far in advance as possible & get them logged so during the day I can just eat when I really feel like it.
Obviously I don’t have all the answers yet, but I’m working it out as I go. Also, lunch was really yummy today (Italian seasoned ground turkey, No Yolks dumplings, and Prego Veggie Smart sauce). Hooray for planning ahead!


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