Beat up

Utterly resenting my body right this moment. I’m so stiff and sore from working out yesterday. And I have a killer headache that I don’t know what will fix.

Backing up: I know this soreness. It happens to me a few times a year when I take more than 2 weeks off and then go back to the gym all gung-ho and forget that this kind of pain is what ensues. Tomorrow will be worse, and then it will slowly get better over the course of a week. Then it won’t be as bad ever again, as long as I never decide to slack off.
The headache, on the other hand… well I know it too. For the last several years terrible headaches and migraines with my period. I’ve switched the kind of pill I take a couple times in hopes of alleviating the pain, but the only thing I found to work at all was avoiding my period altogether. So for about a year now I’ve been on Seasonique. Let me tell you, it was great. Minus the spotting, which was annoying at worst, not having my period every single month was liberating.
Until my employer changed insurance and I went from paying $50 to $150. Roll in clouds of dismay.
So I told my fiance about my predicament. Aside from the pill tripling in price, my migraine medicine had also doubled, and quite frankly I could not afford both very comfortably. Well, I could but the concept was just too hard to swallow. We decided that the migraine medicine was more important than the pill, and decided once I ran out, I’d be done.
I was feeling pretty liberated, actually. My body has been pumped full of hormones almost constantly for the past ten years, and I really couldn’t imagine what my body would feel like without them.  I had read all kind of good things about women who took up a hormone free IUD, and didn’t really think twice about the ‘side effects’ of not being dosed up.
I got my period, it was unremarkable and I actually got excited that my ‘transition’ was going to be completely uneventful. I didn’t even get a migraine, just a tiny little headache that I barely noticed.
Well I’ve been off the flow for four whole days now, and I feel like crap. My slightly annoying headaches have suddenly morphed into disgustingly debilitating ones. And a quick Google search on ‘headaches off birth control’ will yield several results where people have suffered for weeks and months with headaches after circumstances similar to mine.
On a whim (loosely based on advice I had been given about migraines & hormones by my doctor) I started taking extra fish oil, and that seems to be helping, although I don’t think I’m taking enough to really ward off the headache for more than a couple hours.
Welcome to real life, buck-o.
Or rather, welcome back.
Addendum (about 6 hours later):  I am also a huge cranky bitch thanks to my hormone fluctuations. And craving french fries. FML.


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