This is not a new thing for me. Not even really a ‘back on the bandwagon’ since one day does not make a habit. But I told myself I’d switch up my schedule so I could work out in the mornings again, and today I did. I was in bed just after 9pm last night, and jolted out of sleep at 3am, afraid that I’d over slept. Finally got back to sleep and only hit snooze three times before getting up at 5:30. I’m definitely tired. And morning work outs make me ravenous the rest of the day, so I’m fighting the urge to scarf down everything I packed for my snacks and lunch today and then go out and get some junk later. Totally healthy attitude I know. One snack now, while I write, then.
I did Jillian Michaels’ “Banish Fat Boost Metabolism” dvd, and sucked at it. It’s 45 minutes of all cardio, and I loathe cardio. But as the name suggests, it’s really good for your metabolism, even more so done first thing in the morning.
At least it’s not running, which I’ll be making a point of doing once I can actually get to the gym without fighting 27 people for a treadmill. But for now, something is better than nothing, and if I can keep up with this a few days a week I’ll be just delighted. (Delighted might be a strong word, but pleased with myself regardless.)
The other main thing I want to work into my training is the Show & Go plan that I purchased last November. I made it almost through one week before the holidays and my own social schedule started interfering with gym time. And then, most predictably, I haven’t picked it back up since. It’s pretty bad ass though, and I’m learning a LOT of cool strength training moves and also about ‘soft tissue work’ that will keep me healthy and less likely to get injured. I’m pretty sure that Eric Cressey (who designed the program) would want to kick my ass for even subjecting myself to Jillian Michaels baby barbell shenanigans, but at least I know better than to rely on that to get where I want to go.
Where do I want to go?
I know better than to strictly quantify my goals, but at least under 140lbs so that my BMI is in line. I’d like to be able to run a 5k (like actually run), and lift lots of heavy stuff. I’m most excited to learn how to dead lift and get a decent squat kinda like this chic. And no, I’m not afraid of getting all buff & ripped and scary away mean boys. For one, it’s REALLY HARD to get beefy. For two, so what if I do? I can help Brandon move the couch from one spot to another, woo hoo!
So where am I now?
A smidge under 160lbs. My absolute lowest was 149lbs last July. I don’t know my absolute highest, but it was somewhere around 185ish, and highest recorded was 175 last February. I busted ass to get down 25lbs in under 6 months, but at the end I was completely burnt out. I started out just not going to the gym as much, then stopped tracking my calories all the time, and then lost all my motivation to be anything other than the person who got me to my highest weight to begin with.
I have at least gained the wisdom to not consider this a failure. But it would be, if I didn’t try to get back on track again with some new goals and fresh perspective.
Ok, I’m feeling much better after my soy yogurt, so I’ll tackle giving my diet update tomorrow.
Feel well!


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