Still busy!

This week has been just as busy as I thought it would, but I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that once the puppy actually gets here, we’ll be able to take a step back and breathe.
Exercise: ha! I spent three hours in the car yesterday after work, thanks to a nice snowstorm and necessity to pick up my dress from my mom’s house and bring it home. (Decided that I had to get it done before Saturday because I didn’t want to attempt to juggle handling the dress and the dog!)
Food: Been doing pretty good except dinner last night. I wasn’t at all hungry when I left the house at 5:30, but by 7, as I was getting ready to leave Warsaw, I was starving. Fast food got me home, and left me feeling all sorts of bloated this morning. Ah well.
Mental health: eh. I got my period this week, so my emotions have been running a little high. But I’m not overly manic/depressive considering. My biggest stress right now is actually wedding stuff. I’m fine as long as I don’t think about it, but with the wedding FOUR MONTHS AWAY, I have to think about it. I’ve considered going to the doctor to see about getting a medication to get me through the next few weeks, but that might be overkill. Or maybe not. We’ll see.

Busy girl!

First off, I have to rave about how much fun I had this weekend! I probably ate and drank a bit too much, but I went ice skating and dancing, so that off-sets it a bit. I didn’t eat pasta at the Italian place we had dinner Saturday night, but I did have calamari. It was to.die.for. good. No regrets!
I’m definitely in the mood to hit up the gym again soon, but my schedule this week is frantic at worst and really busy at best. We’re picking up Magda on Saturday, and our to-do list doesn’t seem to be shrinking. For every one thing we get done, we think of another that we should probably take care of before she comes.
Tonight will be a quick dinner (ranch turkey burgers & salad), run to Lowe’s for a few last minute bedroom readying supplies, and the pet store for food, and then our grocery shopping for the week.
Tomorrow I hope we get to go pick out & order Brandon’s tux. (We were going to go over the weekend and then magically on Friday we get a coupon in the mail for $40 off between today and the end of the week.)
Then the rest of the week we need to: make a shelf for the cat’s food that’s out of Magda’s reach, re-mount the TV in the bedroom since we had to rearrange everything, go through Brandon’s family pictures to pick ones out for the wedding, and clean house a bit. Oh yeah, and Friday we’re going out to dinner and going to start deciding on a menu for the rehearsal dinner.
So if I make it to the gym by Wednesday, I’ll be lucky. And if not Wednesday or Thursday, probably not again until next Monday, if I’m not too sleep deprived. I know that I’m going to have to make time for the gym, and it’s not going to just magically appear. But realistically, our life is about to get pretty crazy. My weight is slowly creeping down regardless because of good eating habits, and if taking the dog for walks becomes my primary exercise for a little while, so be it.
I’m pretty happy with the choices I’ve been making lately and as the weeks get busier and busier hopefully I can keep it up!


Things have been absolutely crazy around here, so excuse me for not updating all this sooner.
A couple weeks ago Jessie told me that her dress had come in way ahead of schedule, so she went to go pick it up. Turns out, it came in with the wrong color, so they were going to have it remade. Bleh.
Then last weekend, I took my sister to get fitted and her dress ordered, and it turns out that dress is actually discontinued as of the first of the year. Ah! Wendy’s Bridal shop is amazing, and somehow the manager there was able to get her dress ordered anyway, since apparently they were still running a few orders of this dress.
Then, just last week Jessie tells me that the bridal shop she ordered her dress from can’t get hers re-ordered because it’s been discontinued! Seriously??? I didn’t lose it though, and I had already had my eye on other dresses since I wasn’t sure that Tiff was going to get her dress either. I gave her the style number of a dress I thought would look great on her, and turns out, there’s a bridal shop near Jessie that actually has her color & size in stock from somebody else’s canceled order.

She’s going to go take a look at the dress on Wednesday to make sure they’re definitely in new condition and acceptable in every way, and then hopefully this mess is completely taken care of!
I’m still half-expecting a call from Wendy’s with bad news, but I am working on putting that out of my mind.

Er, um, yeah

I’m totally slacking at this daily update thing because, well, I guess I’m just slacking in general. I didn’t count my calories yesterday (although I know that it wasn’t a ‘bad’ day by any means).
I slept in, had decent breakfast and worked on some cleaning and organizing all morning & most of the afternoon. Totally un-fun, but I felt so good after getting it taken care of. There’s still a lot of stuff to sort through (mostly Brandon’s!) but that will require both of us being available to say “toss” or “store”.
Later in the afternoon I ran around with a friend helping him get his car back. It could have been easier, but it could have been a lot worse, too. Hopefully that’s all taken care off now & he can move on too. I feel kind of bad that I couldn’t do more, but it’s right on that edge between bad luck and irresponsibility.
When I got home, I was pretty worn out, but Brandon had a big surprise waiting for me. While I was out, he spent the evening re-arranging the bedroom according to the plan I figured out, so we could get Magda’s kennel to fit in there with us. It turned out sonice! I’m really getting excited for the puppy to come home!


My brain is in totally the wrong place.
This weekend I found out that the dress I wanted for Tiff & Jessie is discontinued. Jessie’s is ordered, Tiff’s is not. Waiting for the bridal shop to call me back before I go into a complete melt down, but my original “I will not freak out” attitude is fading fast. At least I know that canceling Jessie’s order is only going to put her out $10, but that still leaves me at square one.
Already took tomorrow off of work to clean house before the puppy arrives. Was planning on spending the early part of Saturday afternoon getting Brandon’s tux found & ordered, but now I’m afraid I’m going to have to spend it looking for dresses instead. Actually I feel like the ONLY thing I should be doing is finding dresses until that’s taken care of because it’s already so late.
My diet hasn’t gone entirely out the window, but everything seems to be slipping, along with my frame of mind. This week is pretty much going to suck, but somehow I’ll figure out how to make it through.

Edit: Bridal shop called, dress crisis averted. Now to focus on the puppy and the rest of the wedding!

Uh yeah.

I didn’t post yesterday.
Yesterday was a guilt free slack off day to get my head screwed on straight. I ate well, watched some TV, drank some wine (maybe a little too much since I can only remember one of the kinds: Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon.)
Today I am back in my right mind, and I have company coming for the weekend, including my sister for the afternoon tomorrow.
I can’t even begin to describe how good it feels to be out of my funk. And even though I haven’t been to the gym in a few days, I feel a difference in my body and my energy level.
Tonight we’re probably going out to dinner, no idea where though. I’m not even remotely intimidated today, my stress level is low and I feel like I have enough knowledge to make good choices without obsessing.
So yes, this is going to be a pretty good weekend!


Today: good for eating, bad for stress level. No gym. Uh-gain.
Work was exhausting, playing catch-up and all. And in my head, a mess is brewing. It’s not a huge problem, by any means, but it’s distracting. And a bit too personal to delve into on here, so in my head it will remain until I sort it out.