Being appropriate

Everyone else seems to be summing up their 2010 and making goals for next year, and for the record, I feel utterly uninspired to do the same.
Probably because I’ve spent most of the year already living in 2011. May, specifically.
Regardless, some really awesome things did happen this year. My sister got pregnant, my brother married, my step sister engaged. Three of my step siblings had babies. My sister also got a house, and a dog. My brother got a second dog. And even as I type, Brandon is hammering on the trim in our living room… the VERY LAST step in a remodel that has been dragged out over a very busy year.
For me personally, it seems to all be about the wedding. I did spend a lot of time hanging out with my friends and family too. I went to New York, Chicago, Detroit and took a motorcycle ride up to Traverse City. Oh yeah, and Brandon bought another motorcycle.
I didn’t really have any ‘resolutions’ last year, but I was pretty hardcore trying to lose weight to fit into my new wedding gown. I was around a size 18 when I bought it and the dress is a 10. I did manage to lose 25lbs last year from February to August, but after being completely burnt out, I gained almost 10 back over the past five months. Which is really disgusting to me, but it’s not that unrealistic in terms of what most people experience. I am going to focus on taking those 10 off again, and maybe another 5-10 more, but I refuse to get stressed or obsessed about it. I really just need to concentrate on time management.
And speaking of time management, I’ve been really struggling with how I’m going to manage getting to the gym, working with Brandon on puppy training, and wedding stuff into my life next year. It seems really overwhelming and daunting as a long term situation. I know five months isn’t really something I should be considering ‘long term’ but they’re pretty critical weeks, at least to me. Just twenty more weekends to juggle spending time with friends & family and getting all the lose ends tied up. Only five more without the puppy.
So yes, there will be changes and improvements I’ll be working on making over the upcoming year, but I’m still in denial that they qualify as New Years Resolutions. The time frame is irrelevant, and coincidental to the new year. I’ve put off trying to change my sleep schedule until after the holidays when all the time off throws me off even more. I have already been working on getting my eating habits back in check, but not all that worried about it with the all the festivities going on. I’m not going to make too many excuses for not going to the gym, other than being really tired, worn out, and even sick the past couple weeks. I probably won’t be headed to the gym until at least mid-January anyway, since hundreds more people seem to be there after January 1st. But I’ll get up and do my work outs at home regardless.
In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not really all that enthusiastic about a whole lot of stuff right this minute. I’m so ready for this wedding to be over. I’m tired of being baby crazy and feeling like there’s so much to do before we get on with our lives. At least I’m confident that the excitement will come back around and one way or another our lives will return to something resembling normal.
Until then, have a very happy new year!


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