Not gonna lie: Brandon and I are totally awesome at wedding planning. Yes, both of us. I say, “Hey we need to take care of this, this, and this,” and we can sit down and knock those things out in a couple of hours. We’re totally rocking the teamwork and relying on each others’ strengths to handle some of the more tedious aspects of this wedding.
And: Brandon and mom are actually working together to handle some of the creative paper details that he cares about way more than me. *Ah-May-Zing*
All of this has made me feel way more at ease with how the rest of the wedding is going to go. My only real responsibilities are balancing keeping myself on track to look great in my dress and helping with the puppy. Okay, I guess there are a couple things left to do, like help supervise the tuxedo selection and put together the rest of our song list. But still, winding down for now feels pretty dang good!


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