The Crunch

Two weeks ago I made a revised To Do list, and have thus far accomplished nothing on it. At all.
The one thing we have decided this week, is that we’re getting a puppy! A sweet little female rottweiler that was born just last week, so we have 7 weeks until we pick her up. We also decided a name: Magdalena, & probably try to insist that people call her Magda for short because “Maggie” bugs me.
So since this little bundle of sweetness & energy is going to take up a lot of our time, my time line for my wedding crunch list just got that much more crunched.
Must do this weekend:
~Update guest list & budget
~Send Mom engagement announcement info
~Schedule meeting with Goegleins
~Decide on favors

Must work on every weekend until complete/February:
~Ceremony decorations
~Address wedding invitations

There’s a few other not critical stuff that I (we?) should take care of sooner than later, but priorities are getting shuffled around a bit. Ug. Somebody get me a glass of wine.


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