Tiff said she was upset that I haven’t blogged about her pregnancy (now that I can). I take a small measure of satisfaction that I’m being that un-dramatic.
I’m really delighted for her, even though it does potentially throw a small wrench in the works. I imagine her glowing with huge giant belly under her dress. Or grinning with sheer exhaustion holding her new little baby in her arms. Or wallowing in pain in the hospital in labor. Did that sound a little bit evil? Well I guess my sister does rub off on me sometimes.
Oh yeah, did I mention she’s due 6 days before the wedding?
Should be interesting!


2 thoughts on “Pregnant

  1. Hey, I mentioned it on MY blog! & Facebook, & Twitter, and to anyone within earshot!Busy month coming up in May. The usual Mothers Day and High School Prom, has been replaced with Mothers Day, College Graduation, New Baby & Wedding Day!As usual, I'm proud of all, and we'll get through it together!

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