Holy Crap

It’s officially December, and we have less than six months to go!
I’ve been in total ‘la-dee-da’ mode for months now, other than a couple weeks where we really got some major stuff taken care of.
I did decide that I’m not going to do any real flowers at all. The bouquets were the only thing I was planning on going to a florist for, but I’ve come up with another idea that will be way more special. I’m actually going to keep the details a surprise, so that’s all on that subject!!
I’ve also decided I really need to crank back up on the diet/workout routine. I will admit I gained back some of the weight over the past four months of slacking off. For a while I thought I’d just keep hitting it hard the gym and not worry about counting every single calorie again, but this deadline is looming large in the horizon, so I think I’m just going to suck it up.
I still have probably 3 months before I need to start worrying about dress fittings, but lately that sounds like no time at all. We already have plans for every weekend in December, which includes lots of food events (birthdays, sushi outings, and of course Christmas dinner) so keeping track this month is going to be critical.
Other major To-Do’s include:
Get info to mom for engagement announcements
Making an appointment with the caterer to hash out some details.
Getting my dress cleaned & prepped for fittings
Picking out tuxes
Finish floral designs with mom, especially for ceremony.
Lots of paperwork: make a payment schedule, update the guest list with save-the-date recipients, etc.
Get accessories gathered & set aside.
Schedule makeup & hair trials, and decide on other long term beauty routines.
Maybe start addressing invitations.

I don’t know when we’re going to find time to sit down to do the paperwork, meet with the caterer & get the announcement info gathered, but there will probably have to be some very crafty multitasking involved.
That’s it for now, I guess. Definitely gaining some momentum & feeling more frenzied!


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