I’m gonna take a minute to just gush about Brandon.
He is so strong and so calm, I’m just in awe of him sometimes.
He had to travel to New Jersey for work, so on Sunday I dropped him off at the airport. As we were driving towards the airport he noticed a giant hovering beast in the sky. He always notices planes, and can usually tell me what kind they are and what they’re doing. After a few seconds of staring, mouth agape, he decided that it was a 747 coming in to land. He also informed me that even though it looked like it was just hanging there, it was probably going around 300mph.
I know all of these facts seem highly irrelevant to our lives, but his passion and excitement are contagious. It’s not all that often he gets too worked up, but this is one of the things he geeks out for.
As we continued our trek towards FWA, the giant plane disappeared behind the trees, presumably to land. And then a few moments later, Brandon spotted it back in the air, climbing and turning around.
I guess even giant planes need to practice, and apparently that’s what they were doing. He came around and then took back off again, just as I was pulling up to the terminal.
All morning on Sunday I had been feeling kind of anxious. Usually when I have to drop him off, it’s a quick trip over my lunch hour and my brain doesn’t have much time to stew over missing him until I get home that evening. This day was rough, even though I kept telling myself he would be back soon. So as I pulled up to let him out, he gave me a kiss and told me that I should go park down the road and watch the giant plane. It’s a ‘nothing’ thing, but after he left, I needed something.
This is what I got. It was breath taking.

I stopped snapping pictures for a second and watched it touch down, tires screeching, dust flying. And then all at once it was off again.
Seriously, that was a huge effing plane. Pictures can’t capture it.
I don’t know why, but I felt calm. I’m sure a part of my subconscious remembers going up to the Detroit airport when I was very young to watch the planes with my family on the hood of our car. Part of me felt like it was something important that Brandon wanted me to see, because he loves airplanes so much.
But as I drove home watching the plane circle around in my rear view mirror, even though I missed him, I knew how lucky I was to have someone in my life who wants me to experience things like this.
That evening I did my best to fill the hours. I baked, I watched way too many reruns of Sex and the City, I spent a few minutes video chatting with Brandon, and finally headed to bed where I felt a little lost. Also, the cats were up half the night wondering when Brandon was coming to bed. I knew it was going to make for a long day yesterday, but I had small hopes that the tiredness would be numbing to my missing pangs.
He called me to wake me up, and again when he got to the airport at 4:30 yesterday evening.
And again at 5:30 when his plane was supposed to be taking off. “Delayed 2 hours,” he said. UG. I knew there would be a missed connection in Cincinnati, and then a very long drive home. I kept tracking the arrivals and departures on the CVG website, but it didn’t stop his ride home from taking off while he was still somewhere over Pennsylvania.
He called after they landed, told me they were getting a rental car, and he’d be home sometime around 1a.m.
Luckily I knew this to be overly optimistic, and combined with breaks to stretch, get food and shake off the sleep, he crawled into bed just before 3a.m. Not once did he sound particularly aggravated about the whole situation. He just does what needs to be done. Even though I was barely awake, I could tell by how tightly he snuggled up against me, he must have missed me a little bit too.
He was gone for a whopping 36 hours.
I just can’t get over how lucky I am to know him, to love him, and someday soon to marry him.


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