I think somehow we’ve actually managed to get some things checked off our increasingly urgent “To Do” list.
We started accumulating flowers for the centerpieces, I booked an officiant to perform the ceremony, mostly settled on a bridesmaid dress (I just need to go look at fabric swatches to pick a color), helped Mom pick out her mother’s dress, finalized the invites & are ready to place the order in the next week or so (whenever we find time to duodecuple check everything).
Yes, it’s a word. Look it up.
This pretty much leaves my list at finding a florist for my bouquet and writing vows & ceremony stuff. Probably should get the rest of the silks in hand for the bridesmaid bouquets and boutineers before I go to a florist, so that everything matches. Which means I can reasonably put that off until December.
Crap. Still need to book a baker. (Yes I’m writing things as I think of them.)
Ok so my real To Do list for this month is as follows:
*Go to Wendy’s to look at Mori Lee swatches and tell Tiff & Jessie
*Finalize guest list, order invitiations & call hotel to set aside rooms.
*Work on registries
*Work on ceremony music
*Research vows & ceremony ideas

Now on top of all of that, my brother is getting married on Sunday. It’s October, and the forecast is calling for 80 degrees and pretty much the most awesome weather ever. I’m still going to go get a sweater dress tonight from Macy’s, in grey to coordinate with one of Brandon’s favorite shirts (yes, I’m that kind of girl):

Well at least we’re headed in the right direction, but we need to gain a little momentum to keep on track, I think. I’m not hating the planning right now, so I guess that’s really all I could ask for.


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