Accidental decisions

Sometime over the past few weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that the best thing to do about flowers was just to do silks, for everything except my bouquet. I want real flowers because I want that in my ‘bride experience.’ I might still do real flowers for Tiff & Jessie’s bouquets too, but it will depend on what I get quoted from a florist.
Even though I mostly knew what I wanted, I still had no idea how to get what I wanted. Or what I really wanted it to look like.
And to top it all off, the idea of spending several hundred dollars on flowers and decorations makes me feel ill. (I’m having serious questions about why we decided to spend all this money at all, but we’re a little past that, so now I just have to be thrifty.) So rather than put off the inevitable any longer, and since I skipped the bridal expo today, I decided that Brandon and I should just go look at some flowers at one of the craft stores and see what’s out there.
Brandon was actually awesome about the whole thing. He got me in the car and over to Michaels and started digging through all the flowers and telling me what he liked and didn’t like. And then he found these.

I didn’t hate them. In fact, I kind of liked them. You know what, I really like them. And they were really reasonably priced. And then we discovered that they are on sale, half off.
So we looked around some more and found some other nifty filler things that would go along with them. Brandon and I talked about it for a minute. And then we loaded up a basket full of flowers and brought them home. It was sort of a planned impulse purchase.
So we’re sort of thinking about sticking those with some of these, in a tall clear vase.

And maybe some other stuff. I dunno. Clearly this is not my thing. But it’s happening. And with Brandon, it’s working.


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