Well crap

I had been doing so good lately with posting on a regular basis. Now I (apparently) spend all my free time playing on my birthday present from Brandon. He got me the new 4th gen iPod touch. I’m fully aware that I am hardly maximizing its abilities, but it’s still pretty cool.
I am in touch screen heaven. Plus he got it engraved for me. “Rachael Howard Kelley / Remove Howard – 5/28/2011”. Nerd-licious.
The only down side to it is it further complicates the debate that Brandon and I have been having about whether or not I need a smart phone. I will not elaborate any further because it’s just too irritating. We shall see what happens in February when our contract is up.
Other than that, things have been pretty low-key around here. Mostly at least. Small dramas popping up, but usually quickly resolved. Like driving to Warsaw on Sunday right before Madeline’s bridal shower to rescue my mom who couldn’t get her car started. (Eish.) I think the silliness was how quickly the situation was resolved, but it all worked out because we still got to go to the shower and hang out with Mad and Josh.


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