Les Images Diverses (Miscellaneous Pictures)

Let me first say I’m not a yard work person. I’m more than willing to dig in when there’s a huge project that needs done, but the day to day upkeep is best left to someone else. In my opinion, at least. So while Brandon finishes mowing the yard, I decided that I should finally upload the pictures on my camera & post an update on some of the stuff we’ve been up to. In reverse chronological order, otherwise I’m bound to get confused.
I’ll start with this morning. I got up, made my coffee, and decided wholeheartedly against a bowl of cereal. Since Brandon and I vary rarely like to eat the same thing, cooking is always a little bit of a challenge and compromise. Also our fridge and pantry are usually at their most depleted state on Sunday mornings. What to do? I was going to take a shot and assume we had the proper ingredients to at least make some pancakes.
Well, sort of.
I had been keeping this basic pancake recipe in the back of my mind for some time now. She calls for all kinds of things that I never keep in the house, like buttermilk, but after doing some reading on what to substitute for my lack of baking soda, I realized that most of those high-fat ingredients just serve to balance out the soda flavor. I’m sure there’s also a richness factor that maybe my pancakes missed out on, but I was going for a sweet, wheat-y flavor anyway.
So I took her recipe and mutilated it with: half wheat flour, half all purpose; egg beaters instead of egg; 2.5tsp baking powder instead of powder & soda; skim milk; margarine (melted & cooled, still); no salt, 1/2tsp vanilla extract & a hefty sprinkle of cinnamon.
And then topped them with some home made strawberry jam from Brandon’s parents.

Almost all of my pancakes turned out like footballs because I used a small-ish pan that distributes heat more evenly. But they were pretty awesome. I was actually surprised how well they turned out considering how much I botched the original recipe, but I was gloat central at my victory.
Now back to last weekend. The highlight was definitely getting to visit my sister at their new house. And while I managed to not take a single picture of it, my sister did manage to steal my camera while I was in the bathroom & take a picture of herself. Isn’t she cute?

A couple days prior, we went to a Thirsty Thursday Tincaps baseball game with some of Brandon’s coworkers. I don’t really care for baseball at all, but I enjoy drinking a few beers and it was a beautiful night.

I also thought it would be a good idea to get a photo of Brandon and I at the game. Yeah. Unfortunately the woman I handed my camera to had no idea how to use it. So here we are: blurry.

Oh well. Must remember to try to take good self-pictures from now on.
So now we’re back two weekends ago to the 21st. We went to Chicago for the afternoon because Brandon and his friend Shannon wanted to see the new eyeball sculpture. (You might remember my semi-drunken photo from a few weeks ago the last time I was in Chicago.)
In real life it looks more like this:

It’s pretty freaky & gross if you look at it too long. The back side is super vein-y and blood shot looking. Weird.
We also went to visit the “Bean” (actually named Cloud Gate, but I can’t really tell why).

It’s really neat to walk around & under… until you get really close to where a lot of people have obviously leaned all over it. It’s pretty smudgy and disgusting to think about. So no close up shots for me.
The only other major anything is Brandon’s obsession with this new car just released from Honda about a month ago. We were driving by the dealership one night and saw this sparkling blue thing calling to him.
The Honda CRZ:

He, of course, knew that they were due to come out very soon, and is thoroughly obsessed with the idea of a manual hybrid car. Ever since the day we decided to get the Insight, he’s articulated this. And now, here it is. Except we don’t need another car. At all.
But that hasn’t stopped him from contemplating going to test drive one. Or figuring out what it would do to our budget if we traded in the truck for it.

So far, the only CRZs to come to Fort Wayne have been automatics, which I think is the number one reason we don’t have one sitting in our garage yet. He did stop by and talk to the salesman on Friday to see when they expect a manual (6-speed!) to come in. “Just to test drive it.”
Yeah, if you say so.
I hope that actually is the case, but I already told him that if he wants to trade in the truck for a blue one like this, I won’t mind. Or be remotely surprised.
Also, in my purely female, non-car-junky mentality, I decided it looks like a shark. Which is awesome.

I’m sure eventuallywe’ll have one. It’s just a matter of when.


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