The search for a shoe

I will admit to spending probably at least 24 hours online (over multiple weeks, obviously) and perusing hundreds, if not thousands of shoes.
If you know me at all, I love shoes.
Also, I am cursed with wide feet, making the majority of all fabulous shoes unavailable to me. There are a few remarkable pairs that run wide, even if they’re not specifically sized as such, that my feet will tollerate. Aside from that, when I force my feet into shoes that don’t fit, various parts of my feet and/or toes like to swell up where they’re being rubbed. It’s gross, painful, and just plain cruel.
So for a while I had limited my search to only shoes that come in wide sizes. There are two options (more or less): Ugly and Expensive.
Ugly shoes are common, and appear to be designed for women with other foot/walking maladies, and could easily be accessorized with elastic waistband pants and a walker.
Expensive shoes are actually very beautiful. There is one designer in particular who makes lovely bridal footwear, Stuart Weitzman. I had been eyeing these in particular because of the lace that would match my dress wonderfully.

Stuart Weitzman – Chantelle

For a mere $375, of course. Which would put them well over half the price of my gown. I just couldn’t quite swallow it. (I think most people would run the other direction, while I was in serious contemplation of pinching my pennies to get there.) Like I said, I really love shoes.
So I continued my search, moving on to non-wide shoes. There are definitely styles that lend themselves more to comfort, and I read all the reviews and ratings for fit. While plain white statin shoes abound, I really was hoping to find something with a little flair that suited the retro style I was aiming for. I found some very interesting feathered pumps and really thought for a minute that I might be able to pull them off. I still think they’re awfully cute and fun!

Nina – Xtina

Brandon thought they were kind of stupid though. Although he did also tell me I could wear whatever shoes I wanted, I thought that wasn’t really the effect I should be having on my husband that day.
Let me also say that looking for white shoes on a website with a white background is a little tricky. Especially when you’re sorting through hundreds of thumbnail sized pictures. Lace doesn’t really translate very well in photographs of that size either, so I must have overlooked the next shoe a dozen times before I realized what it actually was.
I had found a few brands of shoes that were particularly interesting and decided to just search through all of their pumps to see if I could find something in a different color (red?) or metalic or something that didn’t look like it belonged on a stripper or an elderly person.
I saw this Pour La Victorie Bridal collection a while ago but didn’t really think too much of them until I noticed their cute little blue soles. And then I read that on the bottom they also read “I” and “Do” in rhinestones. Really! I realized these are also covered in lace, with a little satin rosette. Must. Have.

Pour la Victoire Bridal – Carla

They’re officially a 4″ heel, which is a little taller than I wanted, but they don’t look that tall or painful, so I figured I’d give them a shot. Plus they’re rumored to run wide.
I’m a little too much in love with them already. And then Zappos was brilliant and gave me a free shipping upgrade so I can try them on tonight. They might be perfect. If they’re not, I might try a different size. Or I might take them to a shoe repair place to see if they can be made more comfortable (translation: wide). And there’s always the chance that when I see them in person, I’ll think they’re kind of ugly. Or they could be the wrong shade of white. Or, or…
Regardless, this is exactly why the shoe process is so involved for me. They are little works of art that I expect to adorn my feet with a fair amount of comfort.
And I love them.


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