For Tiff

I went to my new eye doctor yesterday. It was a pretty pleasant experience, as far as doctors go. Dr. Ulangca was very personable and a lot more conversational than my last optometrist. The rest of the staff was pretty nice, too, but it’s really hard to compete with the awesome team that Dr. Bennett has. They called me by name when I walked in the door. Granted it was because I had a few issues with my glasses, but they always made it right.
I was more than a little hesitant to walk away from such service, but I think Houston Pierce Optical will treat me well too.

So we went through the motions of the exam. I let her know up front that I was looking to switch to contacts. She told me a lot of information I already know (but is good to hear again), asked me if I had any brand preferences, and concerns. She also talked to me about all the reasons to not leave in contacts overnight. I told her she needn’t worry because I know that my eyes don’t close all the way when I sleep and contacts dry out. She asked me if anyone had ever told me what to do about that. Um no?
Well there’s this tape you can put on your eyelids…
Yeah, not for me.
Also, there’s a nighttime eye gel. She recommended Genteal, and described it as basically Vaseline for your eyeballs. Well, it’s not tape, so I gave it a try.

It was minimally messy, but the weird blurry vision was the most interesting effect. Obviously if you have a thick film over your eyeballs, you’re not going to see well. It felt pretty great though, after struggling to take out my contacts the first time. I’m getting ahead of myself though.
So after the first part of the exam, she went out and found me some contact lenses for me to try over the next week.
I have contacts! Cool!
And then she put drops in my eyes to dilate them. And then told me to wash my hands and put the contacts in. Going in was super easy, thankfully. But the combination of the dilation and not being able to see close up, combined with this new feeling on my eyeballs: whoa. On top of all that I’d been fighting a headache & ‘off’ stomach most of the day. More bright lights, and I was clear to go. More or less.
I made it home in one piece, had some toast, and decided to lay down. In the evening I was off to the store in search of this eye goo. I walked around Meijer looking (apparently) like an anime character with my eyes still mostly dilated, but managed to find what I needed. And that night I gave it a try.
Of course, I had to get my contacts out first. Ug. Ouch, seriously. I’m not sure if it would have been better if I had taken off my mascara first, but my eyes were just so tired and stressed that getting the contacts out was quite a chore.
After my eventual success, I squirted out a little of the goop and put it down in my bottom eyelid. Blink blink. Fuzzy vision (again), stumble to the bed, and get in and close my eyes.
This morning one of my eyes was still pretty sore, so I put in a little more gel and went about my morning routine only half-blurry. I wiped off the extra before my makeup and quite frankly today my eyes feel great. Oh yeah, I didn’t put in my contacts this morning because I’m only supposed to wear them for 6 hours, and I’ll be out late tonight.
Sorry for all the play-by-play, but I promised my sister I’d tell her how the eye goop went!


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