Losers are winners

So officially I didn’t win the “Beat the Boss” contest. I don’t feel a bit bad about it, though, especially since the guy who won lost over 30% of his body weight. In 4 months! If I had attempted something like that I’d be around 110lbs and bordering on underweight. So no, I didn’t win the first place prize, but I still am getting my $200. And my life back.
This past week I’ve been SO cranky. I honestly can’t say how anyone could survive a weight loss reality show. Every week, the stress and drama and wondering if your body can perform under those conditions. Bleh. I’m so glad I can get back to taking care of my body on my terms.
So last night we went out to dinner. And I had a beer. One of my favorites from Mad Anthony’s that I wait all winter and spring to get my hands on. It’s called Summer Daze, and it’s delish!

I’m also thinking about not counting my calories every day. At some point I’d like to be able to maintain or be able to lose weight without the commitment to tracking every little morsel. But it’s going to take a lot of practice, I think. And there will be no guarantees. (Which is one of the main reasons I rely on counting calories: it’s almost as good as a guarantee!) I haven’t decided if or when I will start this experiment, but I know I really want to get back in a good rhythm and good mental & emotional space so I can focus. There is also a lot of reading I should do about ‘intuitive eating’ before I go diving off head first. So we’ll see.


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