Three cheers for Brandon

I’m officially out of my funk, partially perhaps because I’m too sore & tired (& chock full of post-workout endorphins) to be cranky any longer.
Also in part to Brandon’s general awesomeness. He went with me to the gym yesterday; helped me out on my technique and also let me show off my new buff-ness. Today while I was ripping up a different set of muscles he stayed home and made me dinner. On the grill (the manliest of cooking methods). Salmon. It was scrumptious.

I’m not really sure what’s going to happen tomorrow. My original plan for the week was:
Monday, run, chest & shoulder lifting
Tuesday, run, back & abs/core
Wednesday, bike ride OR biceps/triceps
Thursday, which ever I didn’t do Wednesday.
Friday, legs
Saturday, 5k
I know, it looks so very painfully dull and overly ambitious. Plus I also forgot to factor in my hair cut tomorrow. It’s lovely to sit at the salon for an hour and a half being pampered. But it doesn’t really fit into my plan. Tomorrow, then I will get my hairs done and then head to the gym for what I’m expecting to be a very painful, if not abbreviated 5k. Last time it took me 45 minutes. Today, running felt like the worst kind of torture & I barely got over a mile in 20, walking half the time. Pretty sad, really.
So I guess we’ll see how that goes. At least there’s only a few more days that this is worth any cash, and after that I might take a week (or at least a couple days) off.
P.S. I have had a seriously acidy stomach all day, so I think despite all my best intentions, I’m going to have to take the night off. Shrug.


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