Unbride day 262

I woke up at a terrible hour this morning (sometime before 4a.m.) having what I’m fairly certain was an anxiety attack over flower arrangements. I wasn’t really hyperventilating, but every time I closed my eyes to go back to sleep and the questions flooded my brain, I just couldn’t breathe.
I’ve also been trying to narrow down choices for bridesmaids dresses, which I can’t really do very well not knowing whether or not my sister will be very pregnant or kind of pregnant on my wedding day. (Or perhaps by some unknown factor, not pregnant at all.)
After an hour or more of tossing and turning, of course Brandon woke up. He mostly unconsciously asked me what was wrong and I told him I was stressing about wedding stuff. I think he tried to respond, but fell back asleep for a few moments. I tried to as well but upon failing miserably, he woke up yet again, more fully though and asked me to explain what was bothering me. I told him about the flowers and the dresses, and the fact that he still hasn’t asked his groomsmen to be in the wedding, and he conceded. He told me he’d make the call tonight so that our bridal party would all be aware that they are such and even offered to help me pick out flowers.
Seriously, pick out flowers!
I will not refuse his help, for sure, since he has a way of seeing through the mire I work myself into. And he’s a budgeting genius. I’ve already told him he’s in charge of typing and gathering the rest of the addresses, so hopefully in a few weeks when we’re ready to send out save-the-dates that will all be squared away.
I know I’ve been complaining a lot about how I just wanted a quick painless wedding and Brandon dumped this formal affair in my lap. Clearly he’s dumped nothing and when the time comes, he proves he’s worth his weight in gold. I couldn’t be any luckier.

PS. Getting pretty close to the halfway point… Saturday Aug 21st! 280 days in, 280 to go!


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