In transit

So as I was preparing dinner last night for Dad & Kathy, I mentioned that I had gotten the pasta from Jessie in Brooklyn. They nodded in acknowledgment and appreciation for apparently fresh made pasta, but didn’t really comment on the New York part.
Later as we were sitting around eating, Dad asked me if I had been out of town recently. “Um yeah, in New York.”
Ohhhhh. Lights came on. Pasta, Brooklyn, Jessie. It made sense now.
And before that was Chicago, with Christie and some other Fort Wayne & Teach for America people.
Way too much fun on both trips, if I say so myself.
Chicago was an adventure in remembering my age. Most of the people doing TFA are around 22 and fresh out of college. I, of course, am not. I’m domesticated and fully integrated into the 9 to 5 routine. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t like to go out, have some drinks and be social. Coming to bed around 5a.m. though, two nights in a row: holy crap. I made it home just fine, but on Monday I slipped into a coma right after work.

This picture was taken walking home from a night of drinks and dancing on Saturday. My camera says I took it at 4:49a.m. Seriously folks, I’m not 22 anymore. Thankfully, Brandon and I are planning a day trip back to Chicago in a few weeks to go back and look at this giant eyeball, since it’s new.
So Monday was coma day, Tuesday & Wednesday were spent doing laundry and packing, and Thursday morning at 6a.m. we got on the road to get to NYC.
The drive was pretty perfect and we were settled in Jessie’s apartment in Brooklyn by 7:30 that evening. We went out for a slice of pizza and then went into the city to check out Times Square. Pretty cool, even if it is mega tourist-y.
Jessie took this great picture while my mouth was hanging agape.

Next morning we headed out again loaded with a map and our umbrellas. First stop was the Staten Island Ferry, to get a skyline of Manhattan and check out the Statue of Liberty.

It drizzled on for most of the afternoon as we walked around. We saw the 9-11 site, Wall Street, Trinity Church, Tiffany & Co. and a dozen other things. We walked through the neighborhood were his friend Travis used to live, where he had his first NYC experience. As the afternoon wore on and we dried off, we went into a tiny part of Central Park. I can appreciate the need for having the park there, but it kind of reminded me of a zoo, for people. It was a very manufactured kind of nature, which provided some nice shade and recreation, but made me a little sad.
After the park we met up with Jessie and Marc for a little piece of heaven. Steaks and seafood at Smith & Wollensky. The food was divine: we had calamari appetizer, Brandon had filet and I had crab cakes, and Brandon had cheesecake while I ate pecan pie for dessert. Every morsel was fantastic. And because it was restaurant week, and we had their specials, we walked out for less than $100 including tip and wine!

Saturday was forecasted to be 100 degrees, and feel like 110 with humidity. We decided to stay mostly indoors and check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was spectacular, to say the least. We lingered around the Modern Art wing most of the day. I got to see almost all my favorites:

Van Gogh

And of course…


We also saw works by Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon, Renoir and many many others. It was such a great day! (And Brandon didn’t hate it either!)
After the MET, we went back on the ferry to relax and give our feet a break, and then back to Jessie’s for dinner. They ordered Peruvian style chicken with mojito sauce, and tajadas, which are fried plantains. Seriously, New York, your food rocks!!
We chilled for a bit and decided we needed to visit Coney Island before our early bedtime. It really was just a mega carnival. We watched someone try to “Shoot the Freak” (paintballs at a guy with some protective gear & a shield), rode the Wonder Wheel, on the swinging cars of course, and had a great time.

We headed back pretty early, after stopping for some pistachio ice cream for Jessie. (Again with the amazing food.) They gifted us with some fresh pasta and cookies that they picked up while we were out exploring, and said our goodnights & goodbyes. And 6:30 Sunday morning we were headed back home.
So three days later I think I’m starting to feel like myself again. I did gain 5lbs from the past two decadent weekends, but they were utterly worth it. I feel so lucky to be able to have such great friends and be able to travel with Brandon to these cool places. Hopefully we’ll be back soon!


4 thoughts on “In transit

  1. I love this! Which pasta did you try? I'm curious about the artichoke. Marc keeps talking about how you were seriously the best guests we've had and how it was nice to have people over that were just chill. xoxo

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