Pushups week 1

So I just completed week one of the 100 push-ups challenge. Day one was harder than I expected. Day three was easier than expected. Not really sure how that works; maybe that just means it’s working.
Now I will admit I did really start on week one, even though the program states that if you can do more than 20 push-ups you should skip to week 3. Yes, after all that bragging about being able to do 22 push-ups, I chickened out a little bit.
I’m sure that it will get very tough soon enough though.
This week has been pretty trying for workouts in general.On Wednesday, I was pretty sure that I had pulled and possibly even tore a muscle in my left quad. I couldn’t even walk on the treadmill, let alone run. So I rested the next day, barely even walking around at work. And then yesterday I was feeling a lot better, so I got on the treadmill. Walking felt fine, other than I was kind of stiff. I warmed up, stopped stretched, and then ran a half a mile. Kind of sore again today, of course, but at least I’m pretty sure I didn’t actually strain anything. Must be sure to do more stretching & drink extra water when I plan on running.
I keep meaning to write about all the things that happened 4th of July weekend, but an entire week later, I think it would be a little silly. At least here are a couple pictures from the trip to the zoo Brandon and I took.


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