Flawed feet

I’m still on a quest to figure out how to run with minimal pain/infliction to my body. I’m making lots of progress building speed and endurance. My shoes are fabulous for defending against shinsplints. My physical therapy exercises are getting my knees in shape.
All I seem to have now is two little spots on the bottoms of my feet that sometimes like to blister. Ick. I did learn that I’m wearing the ‘wrong’ socks. You’re absolutely not supposed to wear cotton socks because they don’t wick away moisture, which can lead to blistering. So this is will be the first thing I try to prevent further injury.
I won’t discuss in detail one thing that happened to me this morning, but it’s so peculiar I can’t not mention it at all. I purchased some Band-aid Blister Pads on recommendation. They’re amazing. They really do last multiple days without getting peeled back & gross like regular bandages. The odd thing is that they adhere fairly strongly to the blister skin, I’m assuming to heal it.  You can imagine what might happen when one goes to remove these things after a couple days. It’s absolutely painless though. Very weird.

I’m really hoping that the blisters are not a symptom of something else that is going to cause me future pain. A lot of people with similar issues end up getting custom orthodics. While I’m sure this is a really great way to take care of your feet while simultaneously subjecting them to harsh conditions, they can be pretty expensive. And quite frankly, I’ve spent quite a lot of money taking care of my feet already this year.
I guess we’ll see. I still need to figure out what socks to get and where to get them.
Maybe after work, there’s a running shop near the gym I can hit up on my way. http://www.3riversrunning.com/
Fingers (toes?) crossed!

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