Twenty two

So I got this really bright idea.
Maybe not a ‘bright’ idea, and also not entirely mine. But I did make a deal to start doing something.
Something kind of hard.
I was chatting with Jen about something she could do yesterday to further abuse her body after going for a run, pilates class AND some turns in the batting cage the day before. (Seriously, the girl is a bad ass.)
There were some girls on the forums on The Knot doing this 100 push-up challenge, but when they all started I was having some shoulder pain. Even if I hadn’t been babying my shoulder, I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to try it.
The ladies were using the program on It’s very well laid out with periodic evaluations of your progress, and different modifications for people who have trouble completing standard push-ups.
Now I had been doing a few push-ups, usually modified when I first started training in February. They are hard. I’m going to guess, especially so for women, since I don’t think we’re ever encouraged to develop upper body strength.

Now I’ve been lifting for a little while now, and done a lot of reading & research. I want to look great in my wedding dress, so I’ve been doing a lot of upper body lifting. I’m still doing about a third of what most of the guys at the gym can do, but I’m slowly getting stronger.
So back to yesterday, I told Jen… what about this ‘100 push-up’ thing? Her first reaction was that I was crazy. (Probably.) So I just instigated her just a little bit. So we agreed to do the initial test last night & start the program on Monday.
I’ll be the first to admit, it’s totally unfair to ask someone who is already sore from all the workout she had the day before, to try to do more push-ups than you. But I still was pretty sure I was a total wuss, and we’d be pretty evenly matched.
So yesterday right after work, I changed into my gym clothes and gave it a go. The idea is to do as many regular push-ups as possible until you fall on your face. Ok, go:
1, 2, 3, 4….
10, 11, 12…
19, 20,
aaaaaaand 22.
I got about a quarter of another one and fell.
Twenty two! Really!
I know it sounds really dorky to be so impressed with myself, but well… you try it!
Today I’m pretty sore, of course. And there will be a lot more where that came from, especially if I can actually get to a hundred someday.


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