Good enough

Today I woke up feeling like crap. I had a terrible headache & could barely see straight. I called in to work & let them know I would be in later after I managed to pick up the pieces of my brain and stop the bleeding (aka after my migraine meds kicked in and I felt like a human again).
I finally made it in to work around lunchtime for a half day. I checked my emails from  home to make sure there were no crises and get mentally prepared for an abbreviated work day.
Little had happened that morning so I was plodding along at a great pace. I’m guilty of saving the worst for last, though and around 3:30p.m. that time came. My customer has a website that their suppliers must log-in to in order to get all the information needed to process orders. Every 90 days they require that I change my password. Which is fine. However, every time I change my password, something in their system breaks & I must call their help desk to get it fixed. This usually takes anywhere from 5 minutes to a day and a half depending on which friendly technician answers my call. It’s the exact same thing every time.
Finally today I asked, “If this happens every time anyone who uses your system changes their password, why isn’t this issue getting fixed?” They couldn’t tell me, and I was offered instructions to give my next tech-help person when I have to call back in 90 days in order to expedite my system repair.
Really? Is this good enough?

I won’t elaborate on how the rest of my day continued to explode from there, but I only left 15 minutes past five, so I’ll say that fires were put out pretty quickly due to my thoroughness on many prior occasions. I really don’t like leaving huge messes for someone else to stumble upon later. Fix it, do your own job, and have a  nice day!


3 thoughts on “Good enough

  1. 2 things that have nothing to do with this post, and one that does. 1. I forgot about this blog. My apologies, I will start commenting more. 2. Do you realize this blog is 8 years old! Holy hell we are old!____1. A lot of tech people have no idea why some things happen, or they require a major fix that companies can't afford. Give em slack, it's probably the mismanagement of company funds that actually caused this issue. xoxo

  2. The thing that makes the least sense is that just judging by the amount of time it takes them to fix this for me every 90 days multiplied by the number of employees in this multi-million dollar company, they're ALREADY investing tons of money dealing with this issue. At least I asked in an attempt to save everyone a little grief.And my general work related anger is more about something I shouldn't discuss on a public forum, but again an issue of personal responsibility.

  3. Having done technical support once in my life, I can tell you that there is probably NOTHING that dude can do to get the problem rectified. It's more than likely an issue that their development team needs to work with, and honestly, your problem might not be at the top of their list. Everyone has different priorities. You non-techies should take it easy on techies every now and then.

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