Every so often I like to have meat-free days. Usually after somewhat indulgent days when I might have had a lot of sodium, fat, and/or cholesterol. Last night Brandon & I splurged on some pizza, and today I woke up with a bit of a stomach ache. I could hardly bring myself to even look at food, but since I knew that wouldn’t last too long, I opted for the bland.
I always try to keep low sodium canned beans around. I know they would be 100x cheaper if I just bought them dry, but I’m very impulsive when it comes to packing a lunch and dry just won’t do. Today I opened a can of pinto beans & added in plain couscous (cooks in one minute!), oregano, olive oil & pepper. I even thought about taking a picture of it, but it just looked so boring. Turns out, it tastes great! Still bland enough to keep me from getting further digestional distress, but the oregano was just enough kick so I didn’t feel like I was eating babyfood. I decided to just hang on to the idea of mediterranean food (wild & crazy, I know!) I grabbed a couple giant handfulls of grapes & I’m so glad, they’re perfectly ripe & sweet. I also packed a spot of spinach artichoke hummus and half a pita for a snack later since I have no idea when and what form dinner will take.
Which of course might bring an end to my meatless day, but I’m ok with that too. Like I said, I’m impulsive.


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