For Father’s Day

Today I got to sit down with my Dad over pulled pork.
It’s one of the benefits of living in the same town.
Yesterday we pulled off a more significant feat of getting all three of us kids in the same place at the same time with Dad too.
It was one of those really silly gatherings where everyone is just enjoying each other’s company. And I do mean silly. Thankfully I remembered my camera!

I’m pretty sure Dad was showing Tiff how to play the trumpet like he did back in high school. Or something.

Madeline: “Sometimes I don’t always want to eat your farm food Josh! I like grease. And cheese. And Zebra cakes!”
Yes, that is an actual quote.

I’m pretty sure Kathy is plotting how to steal the camera from me & get a picture of Brandon and I together.

Kathy kept saying “Lean in closer Brandon! A little closer… almost…. ok there!” There’s no actual excuse for my face, however.
And that’s to say nothing of the flying saucer coasters! (I’m pretty sure it just turned into a game of ‘annoy Rachael because she’s the only one trying to stop it!’ That’s quite alright, because I won!)
It was so nice to just talk to everyone about all the things happening in our corners of the world. Kathy is helping her daughter Abby plan her wedding, so with Mad & Josh and Brandon & I in the mix, there was lots of discussion of dresses, receptions and so on. And Tiff & Jon are still looking for the house they want to buy so they can start a family! You can bet we’re all pretty excited about that!
So yes, after all of that fun, we parted ways. And then today I got to dish with Dad about all the upcoming things in our lives and how we think things will turn out in the next few years.
Of course, what actually happens is always a wonderful surprise.


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