We’re sitting in the dark this evening because the power was knocked out during a storm. Not entirely in the dark; Brandon is making his way around with matches & candles, and it’s still an hour at least before sunset. He swears that by lighting them, the power will come back on. Perhaps.
Earlier we had dinner at O’Charley’s with Brandon’s dad, step-mom, brother & sister-in-law for a little early Father’s Day celebration. Since I’d known about this for a while, I took some time yesterday to look up the nutrition information online. (I can’t wait until the ‘nutrition facts’ law goes into affect & all that information is printed on the menu.) It’s shocking.
The real killer though is the salt. My tortilla chicken salad (w/o dressing) had around 610calories, but also an entire day’s worth of salt. (It was also way too big to eat the whole thing.) And I tasted the tortilla strips AND the chicken separately. Definitely more salt on the chicken. Why?
The craziest thing was right before we all went to dinner, Angie was asking me how to lose weight. Count calories. It’s that simple. I know she gets lots of exercise, but she says she’s still gaining weight anyway. 3 dinner rolls at 180 calories each is almost as many as my whole meal.
It’s not her fault, though. Not entirely anyway. We’re conditioned to eat like this. If it’s there and it looks savory, we eat it all. And we add salt to everything. Well I don’t when I cook, but that’s for myself and Brandon. A lot of the cooking he had growing up was overly salty, so he’s ok with our low-sodium versions.
It’s no wonder we have an obesity epidemic on our hands. I just can’t wrap my brain around an answer. It’s depressing.
Even if I can make these choices for myself, I can’t do anything about anyone else’s decisions. I cook for Brandon, but he can add whatever he wants to his plate. Luckily he makes pretty good choices too.
But how far will this go? How sick can we get?


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