Epic fail

I really did have every intention of going to the gym right after work.
I was just having a ‘hungry’ day, which happens sometimes after I get a really good workout like I had yesterday. I did my new favorite thing on the treadmill 4min warm up brisk walk, 12min mile, & 4min cool down. And then I lifted, and then I lifted some more. Chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, lats, lower back & calves. I love the ‘exercise high’, and then the next day I pay for it a little every time.
I really did mean to go to the gym again today. Run some more & do the other ‘half’ of my body that I didn’t beat up yesterday.
But then 4:45pm came and I was HUNGRY. I hate going to the gym hungry because then I just rush through everything and get home without feeling like I pushed myself. So I walked into the break room with the intention of finding an acceptable snack. (We do have them, you just have to search for them.)
Unfortunately, the first thing that caught my eye was one of these:

From Panera, of course. We have a very nice vendor rep who likes to bring us in a dozen or so bagels every few weeks. Normally I’m pretty good at ignoring things I can’t have. Or if I really want it, I eat it early and then adjust the rest of my day to make everything work out.
Instead I just scarfed. I could have only eaten half, but it was so delicious, and did I mention I was hungry? And after that I promptly fell into a food coma, and then my stomach realized how much I ate and let me know there was no way I was going to run in the next 15 minutes. Bleh.
My food coma turned into an after work nap. And after I woke up, Brandon wants to go for a ride on the motorcycle & hopefully find himself some food. I was a little nibbley, but I knew full well I’d already eaten the rest of my calories for the day in that bagel monstrosity. Unfortunately riding on a motorcycle doesn’t count as exercise either.
We rode across town to this fantastic Greek place. He orders lemon rice soup & a gyro. I get a side salad. And a piece of baklava. My ‘side’ salad is practically a meal with TONS of fresh veggies piled on it. And baklava was worth every morsel.
Shrug again.
Tomorrow is dinner with Brandon’s family right after work. Maybe we’ll go for a bicycle ride after. Or even to the gym for a quick run. Or if we spend all night just hanging out and talking, that will be ok too.
For as much as I indulged today, I’m over it. No guilt, just awareness that I could do better. So tomorrow I will.


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