Whittled down

So a diet is supposed to be ‘rough’ right?
Well, I’m kicking it’s ass, frankly. I’ve definitely even mastered fitting my not so healthy cravings within my daily calories. So even when I think I’m being bad, turns out I’m being good. Only thing is, I’m basically the size I need to be on my wedding day already.
I mean not EXACTLY… I’d still like to lose a few inches around my hips. But around my bust, the dress definitely needs taken in. So I’m actually concerned now about losing too much weight. First fittings are still at least 6 months off, and in the past 4, I’ve lost almost 20lbs.
There are a few things to take into consideration of course:
Firstly, I’m not going to lose another 20lbs in 4 months. I’d be delighted with 10-15. Maybe even less depending on how much muscle I build.
Secondly, I do want to keep working out. I’m not entirely thrilled with the way my arms look in the dress, especially. And the only way to change that is lose fat & gain muscle.
Thirdly, I could buy another dress. I might even be able to recoup all the costs of this dress, since I got such a good deal on it. Ug. I love this dress though. I can’t even fathom starting all over again.
I guess one of these days I should just go to the boutique and ask them what can be done. Hopefully I don’t need to cart my dress all the way back there to do it.
Yeah, did I mention that all of this makes me kind of anxious? Boo.


One thought on “Whittled down

  1. At this point you should do whats comfortable to you. You shouldn't stop working out or eating well because that probably feels normal now. The worst thing is that you could need another dress because your body is just absolutely TOO fabulous for the other one… *such a tragedy* and since you already realize that's a possibility you are prepared! Who doesn't want to go shopping? Really?!

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