Staring at a blank screen

I’m in awe of people who muster up something witty to say every day, often with pictures. A few weeks ago I convinced myself that I needed a camera because A) I was going on vacation shortly and B) I was going to magically transform myself into one of those people.

Thus far I’ve accomplished: taking vacation pictures, and not blogging since several days before my vacation. In my defense, vacation was awesome, but exhausting. It took me at least a week to start to feel rested again. I’m not remotely used to spending several hours a day on the back of a motorcycle in all kinds of weather. Most car trips beyond an hour or so, you’ll find me dozed off in the passenger seat (and some less than an hour too!). Obviously, this is not an option on a motorcycle. Sleepy or not, I had a great time. It was just beautiful & a very fun ride on the bike. Brandon is already planning our next trip up there.
I have to also add, I’m very impressed with myself for getting a picture of us. It was towards the end of day one, as evidenced by slightly wind burnt cheeks and helmet hair. We’re out on the peninsula, just North of Traverse City.
Our day two consisted of a venture up to Charlevoix, Petoskey, and Macinac City.
I am not kidding about this: we stopped before the bridge & looked around for awhile, stretched, took pictures, got out the toll for going across & back, rode over the bridge, turned around and rode back. I couldn’t tell you what’s on the other side, only that according to Brandon’s odometer, the “Five Mile” bridge is only four miles. We ate really great food in Charlevoix. On the way up we stopped at the Oyster Bar (funny because there’s a place with the same name in Fort Wayne). He had a turkey wrap with salsa & I had chicken salad on croissants. On the way back we stopped at the Weather Vane, where he had salmon and risotto and I had crab crusted white fish with roasted veggies.
Day 3 was kind of gross & kind of beautiful.
It started out with us leaving sans breakfast because we had to get ahead of the storm that showed up early. I was more than a little annoyed with my first rainy motorcycle experience, annoyed with my lack of coffee & proper food, annoyed with the cold, and the fact that I was apparently wearing a non-waterproof riding jacket.
After a while we got some sun and relatively decent food, and I started to accept that the day would be filled with dampness and then drying off. Until we got about an hour away from home. We stopped to stretch, and Brandon mentioned he was craving ice cream. I was just getting cocky about how we hadn’t seen any rain in a while, and then we started to get hit with drops. We decided to take off in hopes of getting ahead of the rain again, and also on a quest for the mystical ice cream. Down the road a ways we see death clouds and finally decide that maybe we should just stop and wait for this to pass. We came to the Oak Tree Family restaurant and dashed inside just as it began to pour. Awesome little Greek place, they were very generous with food and even towels to help us dry off our seats before we headed out. We sat for probably half an hour watching it alternate between steady rain and open floodgates. We were so close to home that eventually as the rain lessened, we headed out & hoped for the best. The best didn’t happen, we got soaked.
We did, however, make it home safely. And all of our stuff stayed perfectly dry. You can imagine my hesitation to take another bike trip when there could be rain in the area.
Regardless, I’m sure there will be many more bike adventures in our future. Perhaps very soon. But not too soon.

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