Whew, glad THAT’S over with.

Sunday I was freaking out (see last post), but once we got to the park & started hearing the clicks, I was finally able to relax a little & have fun. I’m really glad we went with Cory & Erica. It made such a big difference working with someone I know.
I may or may not have snapped a little at Brandon for talking about how we were probably going to get rained on, but I apologized for taking out all my nerves on him. Just please stop talking about the weather. It ended up not raining all evening, and the weather was only a little muggy, but we were done in about an hour.
We should be seeing a sneak peek of our pictures in about a week on their blog (http://4everphotographyanddesign.blogspot.com/). Only a little nervous about how they’ll actually turn out, but the best part is: it’s over. And we had some fun!


One thought on “Whew, glad THAT’S over with.

  1. Well I've been checking your photographer's blog almost as obsessively as yours. And I have to say I do wish I had looked for mine myself instead of going with the easy way. I know your pics are going to be FABULOUS and I'm super jealous. They're doing the wedding too, right? At least I'll be in some of their awesome photos if they are. Anyway, you couldn't have picked a better company in my opinion. Can't wait to see the pics and I LOVE YOU!!!

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