How to get him to answer your wedding questions

I think I may be enfianced to the most stereotypical dude ever.
He claims to have zero opinions about the wedding & reception. Except that I know how picky he is, so there really are opinions, he just doesn’t know how to vocalize them.
Example, just last week I asked:
Do you care about the music during the ceremony, like the processional & stuff?
Him: Uh, no.
Me: Ok, do you have a preference towards traditional music, or the contemporary stuff?
Him: Definitely traditional. I hate when people pick random songs that they like. It’s so stupid.

So how do you get him to choose?

Tip #1: Make it yes or no.
“So if the price is right, is this the cake you want?”
*Brandon responds really well to these questions, especially about food.

Tip #2: Make it multiple choice between VERY DISSIMILAR choices. If you show him two red flowers, this isn’t going to work.
“Do you like these hand made, arts-and-crafts-y invitations or these vintage style, letter press invitations?”
*Brandon was had told me “Idunno” for the hundredth time when I asked him who should perform our ceremony. But when I asked him, “A judge, a Unitarian Universalist pastor, or pick one of our friends to get ordained?” he was able to pick one in about 2 seconds flat.

Tip #3: Go through some of the more general wedding planning categories & ask if he has any preferences.
“Do you want to help pick wedding colors?” “Do you want to pick some of the catering menu choices?” “Do you have any interest in looking at a couple dresses so you don’t think I look awful on our wedding day?”
*Of course the reason we have red in our wedding is because Brandon is obsessed with that color. Also, again with the food, since he’s kind of picky, he wanted some say in the entrees.

Tip #4: Thank him for helping you. When the tooth pulling is over, he’ll need a little love.


One thought on “How to get him to answer your wedding questions

  1. Haha! Your advice is not only hilariously written, but some of the best advice I've read. I guess I'm lucky in the fact that my fiance actually wants to be really involved in the planning and whatnot- almost to the point where at times I have to be like, “hey, I'm paying for it, I get a say.” But yeah, when it came down to things like colors, he couldn't care less, or at least says so. So showing him photos and saying, which could you see yourself in definitely helps!

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