shy people

We set a date for our engagement photo session and I’m a little freaked out. Neither Brandon nor I are particularly fond of having our picture taken, and I for one don’t believe I’m the most photogenic of persons.
I’m trying to pick a kind of theme without being too forced or corny. (We’re not very theme-y, to a fault, I think.)
They say a good place to get engagement pictures taken is some place that means something to you as a couple: where you met, first date, where he proposed, etc.
Since where he proposed is pretty much out of the question, our meeting/first date started out with a trip to the park, I think that might have to be part of it.

I’m thinking some kind of staged picnic might be fun… then to the playground maybe…
And finally, our session is scheduled for the week when the public rose garden is in bloom. Definitely going to need a new dress for this part.
Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking right this minute. Still have a couple months to change my mind…

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