I’m such a geek (or “Hello Summer”)

Shamelessly self-promoting my wedding and my overall awesome-ness (awesome-ality?), I’ve been tweeting and now emailing with the face of TheKnot.com to see about becoming a featured bride. I’ve also been working hard on our wedding website so that friends and family have a go-to place for anything about our wedding.
And on top of all of that I tried on my wedding dress over the weekend, and it’s actually starting to fit! I have some amazing before/after pictures that I won’t be posting on the internet (for obvious reasons). Two months have flown by!
I have to say, though, I’m a little creeped out by how blank my calandar looks for the next several weeks. One super awesome exception being another sushi date with Tiff & Christie, but summer is usually SO busy with home improvements, yard work, autocrosses and vacations! I know it’s only April, plus Brandon just sold his race car, but still! I need a roooooaaaaad trip! (Roughly penciled in for “June” trip to NY to see Jessie!) Is that it? Running on the treadmill & baseball hotdogs? And more wedding details to plan? I don’t know how people have short engagements, I’m ready for a vacation!


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