If you want me

Revision to my ‘blank’ summer schedule: between now & August 16th, you can find me at the gym. Or when the fall session of classes at FWDC starts, I’ll be there once a week.
Ok fine.
Last Friday there was an announcement that my work was going to have a “Beat the Boss” weight loss challenge, a la Biggest Loser. We weighed in Monday & will weigh ‘out’ in August. To whomever can lose a greater % of weight than our president & CEO, he will give them $200. And for the top loser, $500! I will admit to more than a little splurging this past weekend in order to gain a couple pounds back that I had lost already. (Money will make people do crazy things!) Maybe I really am crazy, but I honestly think I have a shot at winning the grand prize. If I can lose 25lbs, that would be almost 15% which I can’t see too many other people doing. So yes, you can find me at the gym.
Or come July, you should be able to find me in a leotard at the Fort Wayne Dance Collective. I know I complained about whether or not I should do this months ago, but a lot has happened to me since then. I’ve gotten so much stronger, apparently skinnier, and I’m done making excuses. I might hurt myself, but I’ve dealt with that already and I’m no stranger to braces and ice packs. As long as the schedule works out for their next session of classes, I’m totally in.
Also, I’m pretty sure you can scratch autocrossing off my list. Brandon decided that instead of a new car to race, he wanted a bigger motorcycle that we can take on long trips. It’s really nice, with it’s built-in saddle bags & even a trunk that should arrive in the next couple days.

I would guess we’ve already put 150 miles on the bike since Saturday. I already invested in a nice pair of riding boots & when finances allow, there will probably be chaps in my future.
I guess pretty much what all this means is, don’t ask me if I’ve seen any good TV this summer. Except the new Jillian Michael’s show, of course!

shy people

We set a date for our engagement photo session and I’m a little freaked out. Neither Brandon nor I are particularly fond of having our picture taken, and I for one don’t believe I’m the most photogenic of persons.
I’m trying to pick a kind of theme without being too forced or corny. (We’re not very theme-y, to a fault, I think.)
They say a good place to get engagement pictures taken is some place that means something to you as a couple: where you met, first date, where he proposed, etc.
Since where he proposed is pretty much out of the question, our meeting/first date started out with a trip to the park, I think that might have to be part of it.

I’m thinking some kind of staged picnic might be fun… then to the playground maybe…
And finally, our session is scheduled for the week when the public rose garden is in bloom. Definitely going to need a new dress for this part.
Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking right this minute. Still have a couple months to change my mind…

I’m such a geek (or “Hello Summer”)

Shamelessly self-promoting my wedding and my overall awesome-ness (awesome-ality?), I’ve been tweeting and now emailing with the face of TheKnot.com to see about becoming a featured bride. I’ve also been working hard on our wedding website so that friends and family have a go-to place for anything about our wedding.
And on top of all of that I tried on my wedding dress over the weekend, and it’s actually starting to fit! I have some amazing before/after pictures that I won’t be posting on the internet (for obvious reasons). Two months have flown by!
I have to say, though, I’m a little creeped out by how blank my calandar looks for the next several weeks. One super awesome exception being another sushi date with Tiff & Christie, but summer is usually SO busy with home improvements, yard work, autocrosses and vacations! I know it’s only April, plus Brandon just sold his race car, but still! I need a roooooaaaaad trip! (Roughly penciled in for “June” trip to NY to see Jessie!) Is that it? Running on the treadmill & baseball hotdogs? And more wedding details to plan? I don’t know how people have short engagements, I’m ready for a vacation!